Available Kittens:
Paypal is accepted
A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold a shpynx kitten for you!
If you are interested in getting a sphynx with Breeding rights please contact me. Breeding rights start at $2000
Breeding rights MUST be desided before kitten goes home.
Thank You.
One year FIP health Guarantee!!!!
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Some Info!
I will NOT share any pictures or information on any litters till kittens are 8 weeks old and vet checked.
I will post  pictures I have taken when the kittens are 8 weeks old. No kittens will go home till they are 12 weeks old.  When they are ready I will post all pictures on here.  All kittens will be on hold till those who have paid a deposit have made their picks. (list of Deposits are below)
If you have paid a deposit I will contact you by text when its your turn to pick or pass.
Please look at ALL the information on my web site!
Please read the Q&A tab.
Often the answer to the question you have is on here.

Thank you for looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
None blue eyed Kittens are $1,000
Blue eyed kittens are $1,200
Elf Kittens $1,500

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This page was last updated: October 20, 2019
email me
Available Kittens are listed below.  (If there is Any)
If you see a kitten you want and would like to put in a deposit for said kitten let me know.
Deposits are $250 and goes towards the final pet price. Deposits can be made by paypal or mail. (there is a fee for using paypal) (Look above) 
After you have made a deposit then Ill mark said kitten as reserved for you. Then we will make arrangements to meet. If or when I take new pictures of your kitten I will post them here and I will contact you by text and let you know that new pictures have been added. Thank You!!!
DOB, Go home Dates and Dates When Pictures will be posted!

Vudu & Jasper DOB: 6/13/19; Go Home after 9/6/19; Pictures will post about 8/8/19                      
Due Dates!!!

ALL Prices  are Firm! 
Kittens ALWAYS appear bigger in their pictures then they really are!

Kittens are homed with contract that you MUST spay/neuter them by 6 months old or per vet requirement and send me proof or pay a fine (this is not for breeding rights). If you want breeding right this has to be decided before the kitten goes home. I do follow up and ask for this proof.  Please go and read the contract that is on this site prior to making a deposit. Thank you!
There is a fee for paying by PayPal. The fees are as follows
$250-----Add $8 if paying by paypal = $258 (deposits are $250)
$750------Add $23 if paying by paypal= $773
$950------Add $29 if paying by paypal= $979
If you are wanting to make your final payment by paypal it must be done
7 days prior to said kitten going home.
Email me or text me.
309*331*4487 (Texting ONLY)

Keep Scrolling. Pictures are below!!! ( IF Any)
Thank You!!!!!
If there are any Available kittens their pictures will be listed below and will say Available in the info under the set of pictures.
Some kittens will say reserved they have been spoken for. There is no order to it. You will have to scroll through to check.
I update my site often. At the top of this page it states when it was last updated. Thank you for looking!!!
Taking Pictures is a process. I DO NOT take new pictures upon request.
  Paid Deposits that get to pick

1. AZ (Ladysmith, WI)
2. BD (Chicago, IL)
3.DK ( Chicago, IL)
4.EA (Chicago, IL)


  When its your turn to pick you have up to 24hr from the time I tell you its your turn to make a decision after that 24hr mark and if you have not decide I will mark you as pass. However please make your choice ASAP cause others are waiting patiently for their turn. Thank you for your cooperation!
When it is time for your little one to come home, I'm willing to drive and meet you without a gas charge. I will drive up to four hours or half-way if you are within the four hours.
Shipping is Not Available!
To pay deposit of $250 click here!
To pay remaining Balance of $950 click here
The Process!!!
1. Make a deposit and get on the list. This is done as soon as you know you want a kitten from me. Please Read over this site                before sending a Deposit!!!!!!!  Make sure I have your cell number for Texting.  This is how I will contact you when its your     turn       to pick. When I send that text letting you know you will have 24 hours to decide to pick or pass. If I do not get a decision within        24 hours you are an automatic pass. You will stay on the list but wont get to pick a kitten this round as I will have to                            continue on with my deposit list. It is your reasonability to make sure I have your correct cell phone number!!!
2. Then Wait. I know this is hard but its worth it I promise.
3. As soon as there are kittens of age to be picked Ill post their pictures on here.  (Dates Below) Then I start at the top of my
   deposit list (list below) and I will contact you when its your turn to pick/pass . This is done by texting
4. If you pick a kitten then Ill mark that kitten reserved for you. Then we have to wait till that kitten is 12 weeks old before said
   kitten can go home.  If you pass then you stay on the list (list below) but you will move up on said list as those before you                    have picked a kitten.
5. Then when kitten is 12 weeks old (not the day of or a Day before) we will meet so kitten can go home.
   (At this time its CASH only) Not paypal, No Checks)  If you want to make the final payment by paypal it MUST be done a    
   week prior to the kitten going home (Link is above)
People who have Picked!!!

To pay remaining Balance of $750 Click here