Frequently Asked Questions's and Answers!!!
Q: Where are you Located?
A: I'm located in Macomb IL.

Q: How much are the kittens?
A: Blue eyed kittens are $1,200 non blue eyed kittens are $1,000

Q: How much is a  deposit to reserve a kitten?
A: Deposits are $250 and that goes towards the finale price.

Q: How can I pay a deposit?
A: You can pay by Paypal or you can mail me a check or a money order. If you are paying by Paypal there is a fee that goes along with it. If your just paying the deposit by Paypal then the total would be $258. $8 is the fee. $250 is the deposit.  If you pay anything more then you need to ask me how much the fee is. If you mail me a deposit I have to know that is your plan so I can hold your spot on the deposit list. If you mail a deposit I will give it 7 days to get to me and you will not get bumped. I will not wait any longer then 7 days for your deposit to get to me. So if you say you are going to mail it then please get it in the mail to ensure you do not loose your deposit spot. I do NOT accept  Money Gram or Western Union.

Q: Do you take payments?
A: You are more then welcome to make payments at any time before the kitten is ready to go, but when the kitten leaves me said kitten has to be paid for in full witch can be done at the time we meet. Cash only at that time.

Q: How far are you from (insert your location)?
A: I'm located in Macomb, IL so you are more then welcome to look it up cause that's what I will have to do. This way you will know if you are willing to make the drive half way to meet. Thank you for your help!

Q: Do you re-home retired breeders?
A: Sometimes I do have an adult that is retired and is in need of a new home. And their re-homing fees will vary and it don't happen often. If I do have one they will be under my Available Kittens Tab.

Q: Do you give any discounts for getting more then one kitten?
A: If you adopt more then one kitten at the same time a discount of $100 per kitten will be given. This is the ONLY discount that is given. Thanks

Q: What color kittens will be had in your next litter?
A: All my Queens have a verity of colors. I can not predict what color will be had by a Queen by the parents color because they have all colors. You can go to my Past Litters Tab to see what color of kittens I typically get.

Q: How many kittens will be in your next litter?
A:  Sorry there is no way to know this. I can not predict how many kittens a Queen will have. She could look big like she is going to have a lot of kittens and only have three. I can say on average they have 5 kittens in a litter. But could always be less. Its a wait and see game.

Q: Do you have blue eyed kittens?
A: Yes.  Some kittens will have blue eyes. These kittens will be $1,200

Q: What age do kittens go home?
A: Kittens go home at about 12 weeks old. And I do NOT share any information on any kitten till they are about 8 weeks old. I do not share any pictures of any kittens till that have been vet checked.

Q: Why do I have to wait till a kitten is 8 weeks old to get to see pictures and pick.
A: I know that wait is hard. Its hard for me too. I love to share. However I do this because I do not want anybody to pick a kitten till they have been cleared by my vet. Also they are very tinny at a few days/weeks old. Some look really dark when they are really young and as they grow they get lighter. So its best to wait so you have a better idea as to what the kitten looks like.

Q: Will the kitten come spayed/neutered?
A: NO, my vets wont fix any kitten tell they are 5lbs or 6 months. and often by the time they are 5lbs they are 6 mouths. So there is a contract that you must fix kitten and send me proof or pay $2,000.  And I will follow up and request that proof. Please go to the contract Tab and read the contract. It is the same one you will be required to sign when we meet for the kitten to go home.

Q: Will said kitten be fully vaccinated?
A: Kittens get several booster shots (core vaccination) starting at 6 weeks old and then every  three weeks till they are 12 weeks old. Kittens will have three sets of booster shots by the time they go home at 12 weeks old.

Q: Will you meet half way so I can get my kitten?
A: Yes, I will drive up to 4 hours with no fee. So if you are 4 hours from me then we share the drive. You drive two and I will drive two.  If you are 9 hours or more from me then I will drive 4 for free.

Q: Will you bring the kitten all the way to me?
A: That is always an option for a fee. But it really does depend on far away you live. It is hard for me to be away from home for too long. I have kittens/cats that need to be cared for. For any extra driving on my half there will be at least a fee of $100. Could be more. Depending on how much extra driving there is for me. I drive a lot and I can not be away from home over night.

Q: What do I need to bring with me when I get my kitten?
A: You need to bring your own carrier. Please look at the Sphynx Care Guide Tab for Pet carrier Tips. Also bring two blankets. One to put in the bottom of the carrier and one to put over the top. Even in the summer. If you are in the car and ride with the air on it will still be chilly for the new kitten. They are young and do not burrow under blankets yet.

Q: Can I write a check when we meet for my kitten?
A: Sorry no checks at this time. When any kitten leaves me it is cash  only at that time.

Q: How do I bath my kitten and what products should I use.
A: There is a lot of information about this under the Sphynx Care Guide Tab. Please make sure you visit it. Thank you!

Q: What kind of food do you feed?
A: I feed Royal Canin and I do send  a sample bag home with every kitten. You can change their food but you will need to mix it and in time weed out the old and in with the new. If you just up and change it, it can cause a upset tummy and diarrhea.

Q: What kind of food should I feed my kitten?
A: Do NOT feed your kitten generic cat food. They need high quality food.  If you still have a question about this you can ask your vet. Or even ask me if a certain food is good enough. And your sphynx kitten needs to have free feed. As in DO NOT portion your sphynx food out to three times a day. Your sphynx needs to have food available to him/her 24/7. Sphynx have a high metabolism so they eat a little bit at a time but a lot through out the day. As your sphynx gets older this could change if they over eat. That would be something to talk to your vet about.